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Every day, no matter morning, noon and night we are always noticed him. No matter how busy we are. do not know what we are doing at that moment in his. And we are always a concern and always protected by Him. But we never thought any of his busy especially at a time when late. Oh god ... GOD Almighty ... forgive your servant who has been negligent in duty, but you always miss your servant, to return prostrate and thy name.

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Are you hacker?

Make a small question for me today. Tell me if you fit the description below. you get the net account several months ago. You already surf the Internet, and you're joking in many media who reported the information superhighway. you've had a red box, you do not have to pay for the call. You have a crackerjack, and you have to run in files on a unix password and you get an account. Everyone in the school-coated with a knowledge of computers, you are the only person who asked your teacher for help. Would you like that? You're not a hacker.

There are hundreds of people like you out there. You buy 2600 and you asked. phreack you read and you ask. you join the # hack and you ask. you ask all the questions, and asked what was wrong with that? In essence, to become a hacker is to ask about something, is that correct? All you want to know is the answer to your question. You're not a hacker.

Hacking is not about answers. Hacking is about the road you take to find answers. If you need help, do not ask for an answer, ask about the road that you must take to find answers for yourself. Because is not someone who has the answer called hackers, but people who make the journey along the road.


Translated by rumput_kering ^ ^ from Hacker's Toolkit Ver.2.0 with title

original "are you a hacker". Excerpted from the magazine X-Code.

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